Gustavo Adolfo Ramirez started painting with brilliant colors since his formative years in Managua, Nicaragua. Born in 1981 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, his parents raised him and his brothers to value career, family and community service. They were all supportive when Gus decided to relocate to the international hub of Miami, South Florida, US to further work on his career.

As soon as he arrived to Miami, he was welcomed with beauty and the vibrancy of the nightlife—a major source of inspiration—which attracts visitors from around the world. The energy of this city paralleled with the color palettes he had been experimenting with back home and it was not long before GusColors was created.

GusColors has the natural gift of capturing the external with wit, humor, purpose and precision. Every client who has worked with GusColors has been amazed how he listens well and personalizes the essence of what they have envisioned. He can paint the conscious to fragments of the unconscious and everywhere in between. His body of work comprises acrylic on canvas, body painting and murals. His art is accessible to all who have the abilities to simultaneously appreciate innocence and mischievousness.

In 2007 his individual platform of equal education opportunities for all brought him to a meeting with Overtown’s Youth Center, a haven for inner-city kids to attend when they would like to focus on academics, sports, dance, as well as other enriching activities. Both parties were able to share in a vision of 7 murals which depicted images that would inspire, enrich and empower; also the motto for the OYC. After completion, GusColors felt like more can be done for our youth and collaborated with Kids off Streets, a non-profit organization which focuses on promoting healthy lifestyle choices for participating families.

In 2009, GusColors garnered a great deal of support in the South Florida and surrounding areas. He was invited and attended the Grand Opening of the Wallace Gallery in Fort Myers, Florida. This event is where he showcased his live body art painting for the first time. In August 2009 he participated in the Earth Is Art Showcase, an event produced by both Life Is Art and Metro 1 Properties based in Miami, Florida. He was able to work alongside many local artists and it was not long before he was accepted to exhibit in the 5th Annual celebration of Mad Hatter Arts Festival held in Coconut Grove, Florida. To end the year, he was the artist featured in COSAS Magazine December 2009. This was a profound honor, as this international publication is well respected in the Latin countries of Central and South America. They are renowned for their coverage on current events, celebrity accomplishments, and lifestyle topics such as music, fashion, film, and art.
“It was great to be featured in a reputable magazine such as COSAS. I want people of all countries, to understand that they should follow their dreams. I have done rewarding work with the youth of South Florida, yet I cannot wait to start on projects that will also assist the communities where I grew up. I wish to share my messages of hope, I think I have to. In the meantime, I want them to know that don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Never, ever, give up.”

Interim, GusColors has also travelled to exhibit in Florence, Italy. He was able to showcase for Castello Estense in the “Here Now Exhibit,” where he performed live body painting using the brilliant colors he is known for. There has been a growing demand in female clients who wish to be painted showing their love for, but not limited to: patriotism, nature conservancy, Venusian power and the importance of celebration!
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