I am GusColors

Gustavo “Gus” Adolfo Ramirez started painting with brillant colors isnce his formative years in Managua, Nicaragua. Born in 1981 in san Pedro Sula, Honduras, his parents raised him and his brothers to value career family and community service. They where all supportive when Gus decided to relocate to the international hub of Miami, Florida to pursuehis dream.

As soon he arrived in Miami, he was welcomed with the beauty and vibrancy of the city’s beaches and nightlife, a major source of inspiration-which attracts visitors from around the world. the energy of this fast paced city. paralleled with the colo palettes he head been experimenting with back home, lead to the creation of Guscolors.

GusColors has the natural gift of capturing the external world with wit, humor, purpose and precision. His art simultaneously brings together innocence and mischievousness, embodying the pure artistic essence of his childhood drawings; painting only what he feels. His body of work comprises acrylic on canvas, body painting and murals.

Through vibrant characters, color choices and use of multiple canvases, he is able to stray from the esoteric expectations of pop art, combining both elements of the conscious and subconscious mind. GusColors is more than another style of contemporary art, it is a thought provoking medium mixed with fun themes you can share with all your friends and family.

Latest News

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