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Welcome to GusColors ArtWorld

Based in the heart of Miami, GusColors is a self taught pop artist that breaks all the molds. His work consists of retro characters such as the Pink Panther, as well as unique caricatures of his ...

An in Depth Look at GusColors

In an interview with Irreversible magazine, GusColors gave us a deeper look into what inspires his art, and drives his passion to paint. 1. What is the main focus of your art? What is your pri...

GusColors to Donate to Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Native to Use Art to Raise Money for Nicaragua Pop artist GusColors will be hosting a tribute to Nicaragua as part of his solo exhibit, The Pineapple Project. Media Contact: Jackie ...

GusColors Gives Back

"As the socio-political situation in Nicaragua worsens, I feel an urge to help my country in some way. We can all put in a grain of sand towards a better world, and this is my contribution – un...