In an interview with Irreversible magazine, GusColors gave us a deeper look into what inspires his art, and drives his passion to paint.

1. What is the main focus of your art? What is your primary goal in creating these visual components?
There is no focus, everything I do comes out of emotion, a feeling. That’s it. My goal is to recreate that feeling, emotion or moment that I felt.

2. We know that Pop art comments on modern popular culture but why do you, personally, use specific culturally weighted Imagery on certain pieces such as Felix the Cat, Woody Woodpecker, or The Statue of Library? Do they comment on anything? (For example: Is It commenting on politics or on American culture? Or on commercial media? Or on American childhood?)

I don’t categorize myself as a pop artist, people do, I actually don’t categorize myself at, all. I don’t push a movement. I paint what I feel, how I feel, and that’s what makes me happy. There is no deeper meaning in government, revolution, none of that. My happiness is everything.

3. What is your creative process? (Examples: How do you choose your Imagery? Do you wait for inspiration to come to you? Do you only paint the ideas your really like? Do you experiment by creating art you normally wouldn’t make? Do you work in a sketchbook? Do you use other artists or music as influence? Do you work intuitively, or do you consciously make specific decisions?)

I don’t make paintings because I’m inspired, I make paintings because I’m thrown into them; my subconscious tells me what my next painting is. The painting I make, is the idea that I wake up with.

4. Why do you strictly use acrylic on canvas and, on occasion, the human body? Is it purely for formal qualities or does the medium and surface tie conceptually? (Do you plan on expanding to different mediums or surfaces?)

I started using acrylic on canvas because I realized that I was not going to make money with a crayola painting. I have been expanding mediums & surfaces, I put my art on everything. I’m not agaisnt anything.

5. When speaking of you as an artist, do you prefer to be referred as “GusColors” or by your name?

My name is GusColors

6. What artist inspires you?

Picasso, Harring and Dali